How To Make A Big Space Seem Small

Written by
Jack Degenhart
Published on
January 30, 2023
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Completely customizable

Our venue can host anywhere from 50 to 270 people. But how can you change the space to fit these different needs? Here, we take a look into how one of our previous clients divided the space to create a cozier atmosphere.

Beauty Blender's pretty in pink activation celebrated the launch of the brand's first ever product launch-the iconic makeup sponge. To do this, they decorated our entryway with roses, note how the sightline from the street is broken by the curtain.

Studio A is the first space clients come into after passing through the entryway. The ceilings are very high--30 feet to be exact--elevated by an enormous skylight that allows light to pour into the space. Here, Beauty Blender installed their gorgeous hanging curtains made of ribbon. This allowed for an intimate atmosphere for their table settings, breaking up the expanse of Studio B and allowing a passageway for catering and production.

The table setting for this event was beautiful. Obstructing the sightlines through the space transformed Studio A into a fabulous dining room.

This is just one example of how to break up our space. We have some incredible events on the horizon that plan on subdividing the space even more, so stay posted to see how customizable we can be.

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