Forecasting 2023 Events

Written by
Jack Degenhart
Published on
January 25, 2023
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Each season, fashion forecasters give their best guess into what’s in and what’s out in the world of style. We thought it could be interesting to use the same approach in the world of luxury events. The past few years have been anything but smooth sailing for brand activations as COVID presented a unique set of challenges that are only now melting away as we push into the new year.

Our biggest realization in 2021 was that clients were booking events with short notice to the venue–with quick turnarounds being a norm. 2022 was similar–but brands finally got back to putting on huge, showstopping events. Budgets were notably lower than than pre-pandemic events, so our first prediction is that this year we’ll start to see a slight increase in event budgets.

Specifically, we think the days of minimalist-style events are coming to a close, and that brands will favor more colorful installations with breathtaking ornamentation–perfect for social media. More conceptual brand activations are on the horizon too, with the utilization of virtual reality becoming more and more apparent in modern culture. Instead of a traditional pop-up shop for a clothing or beauty brand, we’re expecting more avant-garde style presentations, leaving visitors with a strong idea of what the brand stands for, reaching beyond the products themselves.

Keep an eye out for elaborate events this year, and we’ll be sure to stay updated so you can see what’s in store for Studio 525.

About Studio 525

A luxurious street level event venue conveniently located by The Highline in Chelsea combining the flexibility of a white box space with the warmth of authentic, historic details.