A case study in space usage: Hibiki Whiskey

Written by
Jack Degenhart
Published on
January 25, 2023
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Hibiki is a Japanese whiskey known for its harmonious, warming flavor. For Hibiki's takeover of Studio 525, they curated an experience that complimented the complex flavor profile of their whiskey by creating one of the most breathtaking installations I've seen built at Studio 525.

The event took place in early October, and the color story reflected both the color of the whiskey, as well as the changing leaves of Autumn. Candlelight orange and deep, sultry ambers flooded the entire space, warming visitors with an unforgettable experience. The showstopper of this built was the whiskey chandelier that occupied the majority of Studio A. The chandelier was composed of dozens of globes filled with whiskey, arranged by their tonality, ascending in a corkscrew orientation. The chandelier was hung by the industrial beams that make Studio A unique, and the chandelier also utilized our 30 foot ceilings to their fullest potential. Hibiki chose to have our skylights covered, to bring the honeyed ambiance to the max.

Hibiki's whiskey chandelier

Framing the chandelier were hanging scrolls of paper, reminiscent of Japanese landscape paintings. The papers, however, were not embellished with traditional calligraphy or inkwork, but rather painted by the shadows of bamboo leaves that were backlit on the floor. These chic topiaries circumscribed the ring of hanging scrolls, and brought an earthy dimension to the otherwise industrial nature of the space.

In Studio B, an intimate table setting was created for Hibiki's clientele. The lighting reflected the installation in Studio A, with a yellowish, natural finish. Here, clients were welcomed with different cocktails using Hibiki's, with Japanese amuse-bouches. The use of Studio B as a separate experiential activation is perfect when coupled with an instagram ready build in the larger Studio A.

Overall, this activation was a great way for me to see how Studio 525 can transform into an unforgettable experience. Although it was only for one day, anyone would think that this installation was a permanent one.

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